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Outsource Your Statutory Services

If you are finding that organising meetings such as board meetings or shareholder meetings is taking up too much of your time you are not alone. Or, perhaps you cannot spare a staff member to assemble the meeting notes and information packs, which is also time consuming. There are, thankfully, solutions to the problem, and [...]

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Expert Secretarial Services for All

Outsourcing areas of your business that take up valuable time can be an excellent idea. However, it pays to consider carefully the best parts of the business to trust with others. Secretarial and statutory services, for example, are an increasingly popular area of business that can be outsourced efficiently; consider how much time you could [...]

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Kilgetty Statutory Services Can Save Time and Money

Are you looking for a company that can help with your corporate secretarial requirements? If so, you need to find a reputable output with a proven track record, and for companies in South Africa that means talking to Kilgetty Statutory Services. We offer a full range of services covering everything from company registration to organising [...]

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Full Range of Board Services in South Africa

Are you looking for help organising your board meetings or shareholder meetings? It can be time-consuming, and also takes away valuable manpower from important areas of the daily business. Why not outsource your meeting organisation and scheduling? Many companies in South Africa, from smaller outfits to major corporations, use the comprehensive range of services that [...]

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