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Have you considered the benefits of outsourcing your company secretarial services?

Not every business is in the position to carry the costs of a permanent company secretary, who would normally take sole responsibility for managing and maintaining good corporate governance, which is when having Kilgetty Statutory Services on your side take over these company secretarial services on a flexible basis, is going to save you time [...]

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Provide meaningful protection for board members with Kilgetty at the administrative helm.

Board and Shareholder meetings play an essential role in good corporate governance, and, as the only record of what has taken place in any of these meetings, the need for good quality minutes cannot be stressed enough! Board members are provided with meaningful protection against certain liabilities, minutes that are not properly prepared or that [...]

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Not sure of your current statutory & CIPC records status – contact Kilgetty about their FIT program!

If you are uncertain about whether your entity is compliant with all that is necessary to meet all statutory obligations and all the nuts and bolts of maintaining good corporate governance, Kilgetty Statutory Services will provide you with company secretarial services that will cover all bases with the latest industry solutions. Kilgetty presents what is [...]

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Verbal versus written agreements

Cerize Roets — Head of Legal Services, Kilgetty Statutory Services In principal, verbal and written agreements are generally legally binding. However, where disputes do arise, the primary reason may be attributed to the content of the verbal or written agreement. Naturally it goes without saying that, when verbal and written agreements are in dispute, a written agreement [...]

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King IV™ — A synopsis of principle 3 of King IV™: corporate citizenship

Melanie TeBrugge — Senior Board Consultant, Kilgetty Statutory Services Principle 3 of the King IV™ Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa™ prescribes that the governing board should ensure that an organisation be a responsible corporate citizen. Fostering responsible corporate citizenship King IV™ prescribes several recommended practices in order to foster responsible corporate citizenship — [...]

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Maintain the stability of your business by meeting all statutory requirements from the start!

If you are setting up a new business and are overwhelmed by what seems to be so many legal and statutory requirements that need to be in place, finding it hard to decide where and how to start, do what over 4000 companies have done and call on Kilgetty Statutory Services, they have the experience [...]

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