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Cerize Roets — Head of Legal Services, Kilgetty Statutory Services Predominately in the market place, a preference share is issued as a way for businesses to raise money without diluting existing shareholder value and to provide a profit sharing arrangement to a specific shareholder. In most cases, this is achieved by the issuing of a preference share [...]

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What is the Kilgetty FIT programme all about?

Essentially, the Kilgetty Statutory Services FIT programme is designed to make sure that your entity is in good standing in terms of statutory obligations, CIPC records and more. No matter how big or small your business is, there are no shortcuts to ensuring that you are in compliance with all statutory obligations, the costs associated [...]

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Starting a small business & don’t know where to start with the tons of paperwork involved?

As anyone who has started a small business will tell you, the mountain of paperwork involved in registering a business name, getting your ducks in a row with SARS, CIPC and everything else that goes with it is a nightmare when you try to do it alone! This is why affordable, professional and tailor made [...]

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King IV™ – A Synopsis of Principle 5: Pertaining to Reporting

Melanie TeBrugge — Senior Board Consultant, Kilgetty Statutory Services Principle 5 of King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa™ prescribes that a governing board should ensure that reports issued by the organisation enable stakeholders to make informed assessments of the organisation’s performance, and its short, medium and long-term prospects. King IV™ clearly articulates the [...]

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Need help to raise or maintain the level of corporate governance in your business, from a single skilled team?

Small start up to medium business, large corporate entity or a non-profit organisation, no matter which it is, having assistance from Kilgetty gives you the edge in terms of having an experienced, highly trained and knowledgeable team to streamline regulatory compliance, good corporate governance and compliance with the South African Companies Act in your business. [...]

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How to find the best Company Secretarial Services consultancy firm in South Africa.

When you place the reputation and name of your business in the hands of an outsourced Company Secretarial Services firm, its best to look closely into their own reputation and standing in the industry, or you could be heading for trouble. Meeting all the requirements as set out in the Companies Act, the South African [...]

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