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Why outsource your company secretarial services to Kilgetty Statutory Services?

In the face of increasing pressure for companies and organisations in South Africa to pull their socks up in order to match their corporate governance practices with the King Code and Report on Governance in South Africa “King III” and South African Revenue Service “SARS” registration matters, it has become a lot more difficult for [...]

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Kilgetty Statutory Services — Your Board and Shareholder Meetings Service Provider

Board and shareholder meetings can be time-consuming. Preparing and chairing these meetings places significant pressure and demand on an organisation’s limited staff resources. If your board is tied up in red tape, why not cut through the red tape? Consider outsourcing your board and shareholder meetings by allowing Kilgetty Statutory Services to take care of the [...]

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Kilgetty will save you time & money in the short & long term with client-focussed company secretarial services.

Kilgetty Statutory Services offers nothing short of a professional, client-focussed service that seeks to benefit all clients big and small, offering nothing less than absolute attention to detail in order to provide South African companies, big and small, a phenomenal secretarial services platform that covers everything any business could possibly need in order to maintain [...]

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Does your company reflect credibility & integrity through good corporate governance?

Financial scandals in recent years have shown us that where there is a complete lack of accountability, transparency and security in many corporate and government structures, showing a breakdown in all it means to have good corporate governance. Today, most people and financial institutions are a lot more circumspect about where they will invest their [...]

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Do you need a helping hand to meet statutory obligations & the Company Act regulations?

Kilgetty Statutory Services is committed to delivering flexible and cost effective solutions to all companies, in every industry, whether it is for small start-ups or large corporate entities, solutions that make keeping track of all that is required of the Companies Act, SARS, CIPC and other statutory obligations, straightforward and simple. The idea is that [...]

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