3 Reasons Why Board Secretarial Services Are Important

24th August 2018

A large contributing factor to a profitable company is through the employment of good people and services. A business function which has come under the spotlight in recent years is the company secretary and the level at which it has evolved. As the company secretary is responsible for assisting the board and the executive team to operate within the laws and regulatory framework of the country they’re operating in, many businesses have either employed someone full time or they’ve reached out to a professional company for assistance.

You don’t need to think too hard to come up with a list of reasons why secretarial services are important. This is within a small to medium-sized business, and even to larger companies. Let’s take a look at some of the main ways company secretarial services can add value to your business.

#1 There’s an Extensive List of Responsibilities

The role demands many important tasks be completed. As part of this, it requires the person to have a large knowledge base and understanding of statutory regulations. This is to ensure the business always operates within these.

Some of the tasks a company secretary holds include:

  • Attendance of all board and shareholder meetings for minute taking
  • Advise the board or executive team on best practice for corporate governance
  • Making the directors of any law relating to the matter they’re dealing with
  • Certification of the business’s financial statements for submission to SARS
  • Assisting with the onboarding of any new executive and board members
  • Ensuring the circulation of board documents to the relevant people
  • The company secretary should be able to identify any potential issues to the board

With regulations being amended more frequently, this role has become a necessity. You want to make sure your business remains compliant. If you’re unable to employ someone on a full-time basis, this provides the perfect opportunity to reach out to a professional company.

#2 The Accuracy in Which the Roles and Responsibilities are Handled

By outsourcing the company secretary role to a professional company, you can be assured it will be handled in the most efficient way. This ensures you remain within your regulatory requirements, with all tasks completed timeously. There’s no need to worry about being penalised for missing submission deadlines or having inaccurate documentation being sent out.

#3 High Level of Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Through employing the services of a professional company, rest assured, you’ll be working with the right people. Their knowledge, skills, and abilities help them to get the job done. Contributing to the list of benefits is, receiving in-depth insights and feedback. This means your business is operating as effectively as possible.

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