The administrative services offered by Kilgetty will save your business time and money.

2nd May 2017

A range of fully comprehensive professional company secretarial services and corporate governance services is at the root of the consistent success Kilgetty Statutory Services has enjoyed through the course of many years in the industry, making this team of professionals the leading Company Secretarial Services Company in South Africa.

Having assisted over 4000 clients already in saving time and money by offering affordable and flexible solutions, tailor made to suit a wide range of entities across the board, Kilgetty is committed to remaining on top of the latest developments in terms of corporate governance rules and regulations in order to ensure that all clients are compliant with the latest changes.

Because of the experience Kilgetty Statutory Services brings to the table, this team is able to gain a clear understanding of your business environment in order to provide tailor made solutions designed to suit the specific requirements of your entity, its corporate governance issues and company secretarial needs.

Kilgetty Statutory Services will also take over, organise and manage activities such as board and directors meetings as well as schedules, leaving your staff free to continue with their day to day activities.

You can rely on Kilgetty Statutory Services to partner with you effectively to provide comprehensive company secretarial services and administrative services at the highest level of professionalism and integrity, ensuring that whether you are a small start-up or large entity listed on the JSE, Kilgetty Statutory Services has a team ready, willing and able to take the strain off you while you focus on the creation of wealth in your business.

With offices in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban, Kilgetty Statutory Services is accessible to all clients nationwide, and with over 4000 satisfied clients who trust this team to administer and manage all the red tape that more often than not surrounds being fully compliant with corporate governance regulations, you could not find a team more qualified than Kilgetty Statutory Services to keep the processes running smoothly in your business.