Analyzing Cost Savings Options When Opting for a Public Officer Service

8th April 2023

When analyzing cost savings options if opting for a Public Officer Service, sitting down with industry leaders at Kilgetty Statutory Services is the best place to start.

This is especially true if you want experience, knowledge and up to date guidance with regard to complying with all that is expected by SARS of any company in South Africa.

Whether you need this expert guidance to carry you through from incorporation of your company to its registration, or work out a tailor-made, cost saving plan, to meet with your public officer requirements, this is red tape that Kilgetty Public Officer Services can cut with ease on your behalf.

In today’s economy, along with the multiple of challenges for any business either having survived, or just starting, after the negative impact that the Coronavirus pandemic created, outsourcing public officer services has become the number one choice for many businesses.

This is a reality for small to medium businesses, as well as for major corporations, leading to a time in history when having employees work remotely, and outsourcing as much as possible when it comes to statutory and tax compliance matters, has become common place in terms of cost savings.

Analyzing cost savings options when opting for a Public Officer Service

Most business owners want nothing more than to get on with growing their business, and focusing on the day to day operations that contribute towards that growth, especially in a global economy that is tougher than ever before.

Outsourcing Public Officer duties to a well-established company secretarial firm that offers the quality of proactive professionalism when it comes to your company tax affairs, as well as statutory obligations, takes the strain off your shoulders as a business owner.

These duties and obligations are then placed in the trusted hands of a service provider such as Kilgetty Statutory Services.

Part or all of your public officer requirements can be placed in the expert hands of the team of professionals at Kilgetty with confidence, based on a solid foundation of many years in the industry.

This would include any and all company secretarial, administrative and corporate services you may require, saving you time and money, while ensuring that all your tax-related and statutory compliance obligations are met proactively.

Kilgetty Public Officer Services – outsourcing at its best!

Because of the extreme importance placed on the role a public officer plays in any company, SARS expects every company to appoint a public officer within one month of starting to trade, and the Commissioner views neglect of this tantamount to non-compliance with the Tax Act.

Non-compliance in appointing and notifying SARS of the details regarding the appointment, with all relevant details related to ensuring that the public officer is a natural person who is a resident of South Africa and equipped for the position, could lead to penalties that any company would prefer to avoid.

Should you wish to have in-depth, experienced guidance, when it comes to analyzing cost savings options when opting for a Public Officer Service, contact Kilgetty to find out more about their tailored, cost-efficient public officer services.