If you believe that good governance is good business then Kilgetty is perfect for your company!

13th August 2017

Put very simply, good governance is good business, providing a framework that allows for a company to be directed and controlled accountably.  With this framework of policies, procedures, practices and related systems firmly in place, you will be putting your business in a sustainable position.

Although good corporate governance may look different for different-sized companies, the role it plays is critical, not only in terms of compliance but in business performance, risk management and sustainable growth.

The framework of good corporate governance is developed by informed, objective and aware people who are in a position to develop effective strategies, most often company officers or directors, who use their real influence over the business to act with care and diligence in all aspects of good governance.

It is here that Kilgetty Statutory Services has achieved major success in its role as a trusted company secretarial firm that provides the highest level of assistance in developing good corporate governance practices for companies large and small.

Hundreds of companies have benefitted from the experienced Kilgetty company secretarial services team and their ability to quickly understand individual business issues, a process designed to lead the way towards delivering cost effective, comprehensive solutions for all your corporate governance and company secretarial needs.

A major percentage of businesses, from small start-ups to JSE listed companies, have chosen to improve their corporate governance by outsourcing their company secretarial services to Kilgetty, as their dedicated statutory and regulatory company secretarial team committed to saving clients time and money.

With well qualified team who are all members of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Southern Africa, as well as legal and industry related qualifications, your business reputation could not be in safer hands!

The depth of knowledge gained by this exceptional team of professionals across all industry sectors in South Africa, as well as their expertise in delivering corporate administration solutions to everyone from Chairmen to Finance Directors and Company secretaries, means that having Kilgetty at your side will leave you free to focus on the prosperity of your business while they look after the nitty gritty but important details!