Board meeting support services from the best outsource company secretarial firm nationwide.

27th July 2017

If reason tells you your Board is tied up in red tape, it’s time to let instinct take over; consult the best outsource company secretarial firm in South Africa to cut through the red tape and take care of managing your Board and Shareholder meetings!

Kilgetty is the leading provider of Board Meeting support services throughout South Africa, as well as being one of the top company secretarial firms Nationwide, with offices in Cape Town and Gauteng, making this team of professionals easily accessible throughout the country.

The fully outsource company secretarial functions for your Board, Board Committee or Shareholder meetings provided by Kilgetty ensures a streamlined process that allows you, other board members and shareholders the freedom to focus on the fundamentals of each meeting.

Even in their role as support services for Board Meetings, the team at Kilgetty are recognised as being far more efficient and effective than traditional company secretarial firms, based on their ability to use better technology and processes to remove unnecessary duplication and inefficiencies that are often a source of frustration for many clients.

As far as Board Meeting support services go, Kilgetty covers virtually every aspect involved in Board Meetings, such as sitting with the CEO in order to assist with the compilation of the Board meeting Agenda, compiling and collating the Board Agenda and Board Packs, as well as the compilation of the Board meeting attendance register.

Other Board meeting support services offered by the first rate team of professionals at Kilgetty includes everything from the circulation of the Board meeting packs to all Board members and attendees, either in printed format, electronic format or iPad software enabled format to the compilation of the Board meeting minutes and the action list emanating from the meeting.

If the idea of outsourcing your Board meeting support services makes sense to you, place your Board meetings and Shareholder meetings in the hands of the Kilgetty team, they will ensure that with meticulous attention to detail your Board will no longer be tied up in red tape!