Call on Kilgetty Statutory Services for cost-effective solutions to suit industry specific corporate governance requirements.

14th August 2016

Deciding to outsource secretarial services and administrative services to ensure that you business is in compliance with the legalities of statutory regulations is an affordable way of being able to use time that would otherwise be spent in trying to find your way through a confusing network of statutory rules and regulations, leaving you free to focus on the key elements of your business, its growth and potential.

Kilgetty Statutory Services has already partnered with over 4000 clients throughout South Africa to provide professional company secretarial services that encompass the full scope of successful business administration and legal administration. Our team has the experience to tackle each project with the utmost professionalism in order to provide you with tailor made solutions that suit your specific entity, be it in the form of a partnership, a charitable organisation, small to medium business or large corporation.

With the addition of our legal services team, Kilgetty Statutory Services is also able to offer extensive services in the drawing up and management of all commercial contracts by playing an advantageous role in corporate restructuring and drafting of a myriad of contracts.

If your business is growing significantly and you need a partner to step in and free key personnel from the necessity of managing statutory requirements effectively and proactively, the team at Kilgetty  Statutory Services will manage all of these requirements,  as well as provide assistance in dealing with other essential secretarial and corporate functions.  Outsourcing these nitty gritty requirements by using a flexible team like Kilgetty Statutory Services will save you time and money in the long run, providing you with expertise at affordable rates no matter what size your entity is.

Our team will take care of SARS applications, VAT registrations and submissions, as well as offer you the best in legal services to deal with legal company requirements, to name just a few of our services available.  We work as a cohesive team which means that you will always have someone available at Kilgetty Statutory Services who is up to date with your specific requirements, so that you don’t end up with just one point of contact with our team.

If you are looking for simple, cost-effective solutions to suit your specific corporate governance and company secretarial requirements, please give Kilgetty Statutory Services a call for expert advice.