What can Kilgetty Statutory Services do for your company?

15th December 2017

The answer to that is; everything and anything that has to do with leaving the finer details that make up the backbone of good corporate governance and making sure that your business is compliant with everything The Company’s Act lays out to create a stable and secure business!

Looking at the bare basics of the comprehensive range of services offered by the experienced team of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, along with their legal services department, will make it clear that once Kilgetty has become part of streamlining your business and its processes with its affordable, flexible and tailor made solutions, you will have one team that will be able to look after your business interests on more than just one level, all available under one roof!

Actually, Kilgetty has offices in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban, which allows them to offer the same level of service right across South Africa, and as one of the top company secretarial firms in South Africa, you can expect nothing less than the latest information and a level of service that is unrivalled in its client focussed ethos.

Here is a taste of just seven of the services this multi-faceted team has to offer to everyone from small start-ups to large JSE listed corporations and charitable organisations:

  1. Company Secretarial Services:

The role of Company Secretary has been moved out of companies and into the arena of outsourcing due to the specialised nature of the position and all its attendant tasks, and, as is their due for the many years’ worth of study involved in reaching the top of their profession and the responsibilities that come with this position, Company Secretaries are in the high income bracket, making it virtually impossible for many companies to have a full time company secretary on their payroll.  However, the duties of a company secretary are critical to the success of any company, which is where outsourcing company secretarial duties to Kilgetty has become a major trend in the 21st century.

  1. Registration of Companies:

Kilgetty ensures that, with the services offered by this team that your company is in compliance with all the requirements of the Companies Act; services that range from the registration of companies, conversion of Close Corporations to private or public companies, restructuring groups of companies, acquisition of shares by the company to changing the financial year-end of the company, and more!

  1. Board Services:

The Kilgetty team is able to assist and provide you with a fully outsourced company secretarial function to make Board, Board Committee or Shareholder meetings run smoothly and professionally from beginning to end and beyond – good corporate governance demands that board meetings are able to meet high industry standards!

  1. Trust Registrations and Related Changes:

With a wealth of experience garnered by the team at Kilgetty, they are able to provide all services of assistance in trust registration and various amendments as required by the Master of the High Court. These services include everything and more from the registration of a new trust, amendments to existing trusts and the dissolution of a trust, along with the compilation of all legal documentation as required by the Master of the High Court.

  1. SARS Registration:

Kilgetty Statutory Services is able to carry out all the tasks involved in registering an entity with SARS for the essential basics for corporate governance in terms of VAT, PAYE, UIF and workmen’s compensation – these are often the small details that can bring the most transparent of businesses to their knees if not attended to!

  1. Submission of CIPC returns:

Just to put a bee in your bonnet and to make sure you visit the Kilgetty website to find out more about just how important your CIPC return really is, remember this, non-compliance with these returns can lead to deregistration (a very expensive mistake!) which effectively ensures that your Close Corporation or Company will cease to exist!  It’s just going to be a whole lot easier and cost effective to have professionals managing these type of returns for you as a form of security for the future!

  1. Legal Services:

This may be last on the list, but by no means the least!  The legal services offered by Kilgetty Statutory Services will make all the difference to you by providing appropriate, cost effective solutions to assist clients with following the set of processes and laws which control how a business is developed, directed and administered.  These services include corporate restructuring, partnerships, commercial leases as well as franchise agreements, among other legal services.

It is clear from all of this that Kilgetty has an expert finger in each pie that is created as a solid basis for good business, and if you are in need of any of the abovementioned services, the team at Kilgetty will be more than happy to set you on the right road, and more than likely join you for your journey to success!