Have you considered the benefits of outsourcing your company secretarial services?

25th September 2017

Not every business is in the position to carry the costs of a permanent company secretary, who would normally take sole responsibility for managing and maintaining good corporate governance, which is when having Kilgetty Statutory Services on your side take over these company secretarial services on a flexible basis, is going to save you time and money.

Many accounting and auditing entities, as well as large legal practices, started outsourcing their company secretarial and administrative tasks long before most other types of businesses began to look for cost effective solutions to manage and maintain their corporate governance and statutory obligations.

Company directors of small to medium businesses are fast recognising the intrinsic benefits of outsourcing company secretarial and advisory services to cut down on costs and save time, allowing them to focus on other essential factors involved in managing and growing their businesses.

It may seem daunting to anyone who has never outsourced these services, who may have reservations about putting highly confidential company information in the hands of an outside company secretarial services firm; however, this is fast becoming a recognised practice in 21st century business.

With a reputation earned as one of the top company secretarial services firms in South Africa, Kilgetty Statutory Services is trusted by over 4000 companies across a broad range of industries to deliver a service that is trusted, discrete and always up to date with changes to statutory regulations, giving directors the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their entity is fully compliant on every level.

What company directors can expect from the knowledgeable, highly skilled team at Kilgetty Services is a flexible service expertly tailored to suit the specific requirements of their entity, making these services far more cost effective than having an in-house company secretarial team, thereby adding value of the company.

For many small to medium businesses, having a full-time in-house company secretarial advisor will cost more than having an advisory team like Kilgetty managing what may be routine company secretarial tasks that are not sufficient enough to occupy a senior secretarial advisor permanently, especially since it is a highly specialised field.

The team at Kilgetty Statutory Services are able to give authoritative and accurate advice about all the services required to maintain good corporate governance across a broad spectrum of industries, including many JSE listed corporations and NGO’s.

Kilgetty works to understand the needs of each business, getting to the core of how the business operates in order to streamline all the processes that add up to good corporate governance and full compliance with statutory obligations.

Since a major chunk of what a company secretary does is cyclical, such as filing annual returns to the CIPC – non-compliance with just these annual returns could lead to de-registration, which could then result in a situation where a Company or Close Corporation ceases to exist!

The process of restoring a de-registered entity will be an arduous exercise for any Company or CC to take on alone, it is too specialised a field and requires numerous applications, submissions and large annual return lodgement fees for every previous outstanding year.

This is just one example of what is expected from any Company or CC on a cyclical basis in order to maintain good corporate governance, and Kilgetty has the expertise to ensure that issues like this are pro-actively planned and carried out, with meticulous attention to detail.

Contact the team at Kilgetty to find out more about how outsourcing your company secretarial services, corporate services and administrative services will save you time and money, through the creation of flexible and cost effective solutions tailored to keep your business on solid footing.