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2nd December 2017

Having been recognised as one of the leading company secretarial services firms in South Africa, Kilgetty Statutory Services have shown their commitment to saving clients time and money over and over again, from small start-ups to major JSE listed companies, and reaching a prime position like this, with over 4000 loyal clients, can only be achieved by an unwavering commitment to the role that each member of this team plays in assisting businesses to take the right steps towards success.

Not only is every member of the Kilgetty Statutory Services team a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, each of them have also worked closely with owners, partners and CEO’s in a multitude of industries, giving them the ability to quickly come to grips with how your organisation works and where they can be of infinite service.

Kilgetty is also committed to approaching any task outsourced to this team exactly as you would like it to be done, they most definitely do not come in and turn everything upside down!  If there are ideas that may make your business processes a little simpler, they will point these out to you, however, the ultimate decision rests with you.

As one of the most forward-thinking company secretarial firms in South Africa, Kilgetty has also made sure that they make the most of the rapid advancement in technology to continually streamline services to save clients even more time and money.  It is the hardworking team of IT fundi’s at Kilgetty who focus on finding solutions that are then passed down to clients, ensuring that every Kilgetty client receives an end to end service that is unrivalled in the industry!

This team of Chartered Company Secretaries and Administrators work hand in glove to present clients with one point of contact within the company, able to address all issues related to everything from board services to trust legislations and related changes, SARS registration, to name just a few of the comprehensive services offered by the Kilgetty team.

Going back to the rapid pace of developments in technology, and a struggling economy, competition in business is at an all-time high, with everyone, from small to medium companies and large corporates, creating a business landscape that is tougher than ever before and one in which time is a commodity that no one can afford to squander.

This is where Kilgetty comes in to take on managing, stress free, all manner of board services, administrative and company secretarial functions, company registrations, along with everything else required to maintain good corporate governance for your company and regulatory compliance, which includes issues such as UIF, VAT, Workman’s Compensation and PAYE.

These are the types of issues that can easily slip through the cracks as you focus on growing your business in a highly competitive business landscape, and with the affordable, tailor made solutions offered by Kilgetty to protect you from these types of slips, in addition to flexible timelines, Kilgetty lends you a hand to give you the space and time to focus on other important aspects of your business and not get tripped up by these cracks.

Contact Kilgetty to work out a schedule that will suit your needs perfectly and join thousands of clients who have trusted Kilgetty to keep their business interests completely safe for many years already!