Does your company reflect credibility & integrity through good corporate governance?

11th April 2018

Financial scandals in recent years have shown us that where there is a complete lack of accountability, transparency and security in many corporate and government structures, showing a breakdown in all it means to have good corporate governance.

Today, most people and financial institutions are a lot more circumspect about where they will invest their money; if a company cannot offer complete transparency among all stakeholders, which includes board directors and members, shareholders, managers and employees, it will not be first in line for success on any level.

All decisions, processes and transactions must be above board and transparent if any business is to achieve a good reputation for transparency, and this means that good corporate governance and all it entails must be met at the highest levels.

Transparency in any company means that company records are always in good order, giving shareholders a sense of trust that keeps them on board, instead of sending them elsewhere with their investments and interests.

Director’s actions need to be in such good standing that all their actions can be verified, whether in an internal or external audit, and, where it comes to having a transparent attitude to good corporate governance, its value cannot be stressed enough if you are to retain the trust of everyone from investors to employees.

Good corporate governance is not an optional matter, it is stringently enforced by The Companies Act of South Africa, and only someone who is a registered company secretary is able to perform all the duties required to reflect good corporate governance in all its aspects.

Kilgetty Statutory Services offers a company secretarial services platform that has all the legal and industry related experience to assess, assist and guide any company to an exceptional level of good corporate governance, from small start-ups to large corporations listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, without the expense of an in-house company secretary.

This highly experienced team of company secretaries, all of whom are members of the Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in South Africa, work with all clients to tailor-make solutions that will protect them from loss of credibility that could result from any neglected statutory compliance.

These are mistakes that can be made by the most honest business owner, especially when it is such a highly specialised field, making mistakes with SARS, the CIPC, UIF and PAYE payments can lead to problems that then become associated with a lack of transparency and integrity, even though it is not intentional.

Having one of the top company secretarial firms in South Africa, with its legal qualifications, to guide you through these steps to good corporate governance and statutory compliance is especially important if you are to be absolutely confident that you are able to lay your cards on the table for all to see, maintaining the type of credibility that generates investment as well as the trust of employees and shareholders.

If you are ready to outsource all your company secretarial services, or to do a complete assessment of your company compliance level, let the team of professionals at Kilgetty take over the reins so that everyone associated with your company, from top to bottom, is assured of the integrity and credibility that underlies all the actions of your board!