Evaluating Investment Opportunities in Relation to Allowing a Professional to Handle Your Tax Needs

10th June 2023

There are many tax issues related to running a successful business, and in today’s economic climate, evaluating investment opportunities in relation to allowing a professional to handle your tax needs is a point well worth consideration.

When you start a business or own a business, you have a vision for its growth and success, which focuses on the vision and all that’s required for success, however, remaining compliant with all your tax-related issues can eat into your time and your vision with all that’s required to remain compliant with SARS.

The benefits of meeting all your tax and statutory obligations are of far more value than falling behind, and then having to pay fines that drain your finances.

For a lot of creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit, the issue of remaining tax compliant with the South African Revenue Services is a real challenge; not everyone is a natural born bookkeeper or tax genius, which is where outsourcing your statutory obligations and tax affairs comes in very handy.

Evaluating investment opportunities in relation to allowing a professional to handle your tax needs

Statutory obligations, tax registrations, tax submissions and tax payments can rob you of time better spent on growing your business, which is where Kilgetty Statutory Services comes to the rescue, providing you with all the guidance and expertise you may need, in order to choose the best investment opportunities in line with your tax obligations.

Kilgetty is proud to be among the top company secretarial firms in South Africa, providing corporate services, administrative services and fully comprehensive company secretarial services to the major legal practices and the ‘Big 4’ auditing practices in South Africa.

With two offices in South Africa, one in Gauteng and one in Cape Town, the team is always on hand to share their industry expertise with you, in order to tailor their flexible services to meet your budget, and to handle your tax and statutory obligations efficiently.

Registering your business with SARS, as well as providing you with public officer services, tailored to meet the tax related matters facing your business, is the specialty of this team.

Kilgetty are industry leaders with the knowledge, experience and skill to guide you when it comes to handling your tax needs, and ensuring that you can make the most of any investment opportunities that come your way.

With this team on your side, you’ll be able to streamline your tax matters in such a way that you’ll have all the time you need to concentrate on growing your business and increasing your investment portfolio, as well as to make the most of the tax rebates that result from investing wisely.

No matter which way you choose to structure your business, you’ll be expected to meet a lot of legal requirements in order to operate unhindered by SARS.

Some of these legal requirements include registering your business, registering as an employer, registering for income tax, VAT, PAYE and UIF is just the start of it, which is where Kilgetty Public Officer Services will be of great benefit to your company in remaining compliant.

Then you’ll also have to take into consideration that there are certain licenses you’ll have to apply for, according to your industry, how many people you’ll be employing and how big your company is.

If the weight of all your tax needs is becoming too much of a burden on your time, contact the team at Kilgetty today. Here you’ll find out more about what this team can do to save you time and money, when it comes to handling your tax needs and statutory obligations pro-actively.