Exploring Different Types of Deductions That Can Be Utilized Under the Income Tax Act Via a Licensed Professional

10th June 2023

If anyone knows how to go about exploring different types of deductions that can be utilized under the Income Tax Act via a licensed professional, it’ll be the staff at Kilgetty Statutory Services!

These industry leaders have the skill, expertise and knowledge necessary to make sure you are able to utilise any and all types of tax deductions, all of which go towards lessening the tax burden that comes with owning a business.

This expertise is available for small to medium business start-ups, as well as for major corporations and entities listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

No matter how big or small your entity is, the opportunity to save time and money by outsourcing company secretarial services, administrative services and corporate services, along with Public Officer services, is the bailiwick of the professional, pro-active staff at Kilgetty Statutory Services.

Exploring different types of deductions that can be utilized under the Income Tax Act via a licensed professional

There are a lot of benefits that come with running your own business, once you’ve seen to it that meeting your statutory obligations and tax obligations are in the bag, so to speak.

Knowing which statutory and tax obligations you have, however, is a matter for professionals who deal with these issues on a daily basis, such as the team at Kilgetty Statutory Services.

With tailored plans that dovetail perfectly with your requirements and industry, these industry experts not only assist you in looking after your statutory and tax obligations, they’re also experts when it comes to helping you to get all the perks you can out of tax deductions.

Kilgetty is the leading service provider to the ‘Big 4’ auditing practices and major legal practices in South Africa, which means that if you want to reduce your taxable income, along with lowering your tax bill, they’ll assist you with every type of tax deduction legitimately.

This is not about ‘cooking the books’, it’s about having licensed professionals on hand to assist you in getting the most out of deductions that are accepted under the Income Tax Act.

Kilgetty Public Officer Services provide you with all the support you deserve, whether as a small to medium business owner, a corporation or JSE-listed entity, in order to gain the benefits of registering your business with SARS.

There are many costs you’ll incur in operating your business, and knowing which type of deductions can be utilised under the Income Tax Act, with the guidance of licensed professionals such as the team at Kilgetty, will bring great benefits to you in the short and long term.

Looking at it from a general, basic perspective, business expenses that can be considered deductible would include expenses such as rent, business travel expenses, wages or salaries and professional fees, such as that which would go towards working with a team like Kilgetty, as well as vehicle expenses that include maintenance and repairs.

There’s much more to explore when it comes to the different types of deductions that can be utilized under the Income Tax Act when you deal with licensed professionals such as the skilled and knowledgeable team at Kilgetty.

To find out more about what Kilgetty Statutory Services and Kilgetty Public Officer Services can do to streamline your tax-related obligations, and how to make them work to your benefit, contact this friendly team to get the ball rolling towards streamlining everything to do with the Income Tax Act.