Growing Companies Need to Talk to Kilgetty Statutory Services

7th May 2016

A company that is undergoing growth is clearly one destined for success; however, the demands of a growing customer base can impact on the essential secretarial and corporate requirements of any company, and eat into the time you have available to ensure things are running smoothly. At Kilgetty Statutory Services we can provide you with a full range of corporate secretarial services, with professional and experienced service providers operating for you, at excellent prices and with proven success, so that you can take the basics off your hands and concentrate on what you do best.

Why choose Kilgetty Statutory Services? Quite simply, we believe we offer the best service available, and with a reputation for excellent solutions and professional approach at all times we are proud of our many satisfied South African clients. We work for all types of industry so most likely have experience in that you are involved in, we are well-versed in and up to date with the latest practices and regulatory requirements, and our team are all fully qualified and trained to a high standard. We can deliver corporate administration solutions across the board, so whatever you require, Kilgetty Statutory Services is the name to remember.

We provide a full range of services in company registration, so that’s one less essential but time-consuming area of running a business you can let go of, and we are unmatched in our ability to arrange board meetings, shareholder meetings and more, leaving you with more time on your hands to concentrate on the areas that require your skills. We are happy to talk to you about any specific requirements you have or to explain our full range of services to you, so why not get in touch right now, and one of the Kilgetty Statutory Services team will be waiting to help.