How To Instill Good Corporate Governance In Your Business

4th May 2018

As part of your business set up, time should be spent on the policies and producers you want to establish for your business. After all, it’s going to be the foundation in which your business will operate. Included in this is the way in which you want your business to be seen by the public.  Corporate governance is something which should be driven by the need to instill ethical and effective leadership.

Request The Services of Kilgetty

In order to achieve this within your business, you should consider partnering up with a professional company like Kilgetty. One of the many services on offer is based around corporate governance. Under this portfolio, the range of services  include:

  • Carrying out governance gap analysis
  • Evaluating and benching your governance practices against best practice
  • Ensuring accurate reporting requirements are in place to line up with King IV
  • Creating a governance framework
  • Conducting training on good governance practices

Corporate governance is something which might not fall into your scope of business understanding. By leaning on a professional company, you can ensure you’re being ethical from the get go.

Review Your Current Policies

To ensure your ability to remain competitive, its recommended you review your company policies and procedures on a regular basis. There are always areas of improvement when it comes to corporate governance and you might not have thought they were a big deal before.

Ensure There’s Open Lines of Communication

As part of corporate governance is the need to have open lines of communication between the executive team of your business and its investors. By allowing investors to give their input and view of your policies and procedures, it can result in their being an increase in potential investors.

Run Workshops For Your Employees

In order to ensure the successful roll out and maintenance of positive corporate governance, regular workshops and training should be given to employees. By doing this, not only do you get the buy in from lower level workers but you also start to develop a sense of trust from them. This also ensures employees remain up to date with any additions or amendments to your companies corporate governance policies.

If you’re in the market to receive assistance in improving your corporate governance, be sure to contact the team at Kilgetty. With their combined years of experience, they’ll be sure to assist you instill good corporate governance into your business.