We provide a comprehensive investor relations service to clients who outsource their investor relations, as well as consulting and support services to clients who manage aspects of their programme in-house.

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience and broad network of investment professionals and industry participants.

Our product offering includes:

Shareholder communicationsInvestor relations advice and support servicesStakeholder engagement strategies
Integrated annual reports:
✓ Peer disclosure and best practice research
✓ Gap analyses against International Integrated Reporting Framework and King IV
✓ Practical guidance in terms of implementation of International Reporting Framework
✓ Content generation for the integrated report
✓ Project management and support

Financial results:
✓ Gap analysis against peer disclosures and best practice
✓ Compilation of results presentations and booklets
✓ Drafting of SENS and financial announcements
✓ Ensuring disclosure compliance
✓ Drafting and implementation of social media strategies i.r.o financial results
✓ Strategic advice i.r.o. investor relations programmes, reputation management and crisis communication
✓ Compilation and strategic positioning of all strategic communications material
✓ Content development and maintenance of investor relations websites
✓ Managing relations with financial analysts, shareholders and other stakeholders
✓ Maintaining stakeholder databases
✓ Event management and advisory services for conferences, road shows, investor days and results presentations
✓ Managing sell-side relations, reviewing analyst reports and managing consensus forecasts
✓ Perception studies
✓ Snap surveys
✓ Strategic input regarding investor perceptions, communication strategies and investment message development
✓ Planning and implementation of investor communications programmes
✓ Shareholder targeting and stakeholder identification
✓ Reputation and crisis communication management
✓ Financial media relations and social media strategies

For further enquiries—contact:

Lydia du Plessis — Investorsense

D: +27 (0)21 422 0962

M: +27 82 491 7583

E: lydia@investorsense.co.za


Chris Wilson (FCIS) — Managing Partner at Kilgetty Statutory Services

D: +27 (0)21 417 8734

M: +27 (0) 82 449 0912

E: chris.wilson@kilgetty.co.za