Investor relations – building credibility to achieve a fair market valuation

23rd July 2018

With the purpose of extending its portfolio of client-services, Kilgetty Statutory Services recently entered into an alliance with strategic communications advisor, Investorsense.

Investorsense specialises in investor and media relations by assisting clients to optimally position themselves to best attract investors and funders. This promotes effective investor relations, which is of fundamental importance for the maximisation of shareholder value.

Investorsense’s Lydia du Plessis says that this new alliance presents attractive synergies for both entities’ clients. Accordingly, “we are now able to offer a one-stop shop where listed clients can source comprehensive company secretarial solutions, a range of corporate governance services, as well as communications expertise to engage effectively with stakeholders” says du Plessis.

Access to a broader team

Access to a broader team that understands your business is particularly appealing when considering the implementation and disclosure of King IV, the compilation of interim and annual financial results, and the production of integrated annual reports.

Listed companies have to constantly consider how to get their story into the investor domain, broaden their potential investor base and position their investment case well.

Lack of compliance leads to company reputations that are easily destroyed

Through a lack of strong compliance and effective governance practices, companies run the risk of destroying carefully built reputations in an instant: several recent high profile corporate failures have recently demonstrated this.

Investorsense - Did you know

A strong team to help navigate critical issues in corporate governance

A further area that is receiving increasing scrutiny is executive remuneration. The new disclosure requirements in King IV, as well as growing demands in international markets necessitate careful consideration of the level of information disclosed and the way it is presented.

For example, the following infographic indicates how often executive compensation packages are sufficiently linked to performance in the minds of investors:

Investorsense - Compensation packages

Effective stakeholder engagement around these issues is gaining prominence, not least because directors are required to provide formal feedback on the outcomes of these engagement strategies.

Our team can offer advice and support to navigate these critical issues.

For further enquiries contact:

Lydia du Plessis — Investorsense
D: +27 (0)21 422 0962
M: +27 82 491 7583
Chris Wilson (FCIS) — Managing Partner at Kilgetty Statutory Services
D: +27 (0)21 417 8734
M: +27 (0) 82 449 0912