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15th March 2017

Entrepreneurship has become a way of life in South Africa, and while many businesses start out small, many soon outgrow the resources of staff to delegate in proactively and effectively managing the minutiae of statutory requirements or company secretarial services, which will grow as your business grows, which is exactly where the services of the highly respected and experienced team at Kilgetty Statutory Services will be of most use.

Kilgetty Statutory Services will manage all your statutory or corporate requirements as well as your company secretarial requirements in order to assist you through the minefield of statutory compliance, SARS Registration and returns submission along with a host of other essential company secretarial details that keep your company running smoothly as you grow.

Having the team of experts from Kilgetty Statutory Services on your side, all of whom have legal and industry related experience, creates a sense of freedom which gives you the breathing space to focus on the growth of your business and its creation of wealth, making the outsourcing of administrative services and company secretarial services one of the best decisions any entity can make!

Kilgetty Statutory Services is more than the number one company secretarial services consultancy in South Africa, the ability of this team to provide services that encompass the full spectrum of successful business and legal administration is one that has been highly valued over the long term by clients who have made Kilgetty Statutory Services their go-to team.

Flexible and cost effective tailor made solutions from Kilgetty Statutory Services cover services from managing SARS applications and submission of returns, assistance in dealing with company issues via the Kilgetty Statutory Services, as well as a full range of corporate secretarial services, making this the ideal team for you to rely on to remain proactive on all fronts for your business.

Join the thousands of satisfied Kilgetty Statutory Services clients in Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban by giving this team of professionals a call today!