Kilgetty saves time and money for all clients needing corporate governance services.

15th May 2017

Offering a client-focussed service that seeks to benefit all clients big and small, Kilgetty Statutory Services offers the same expert attention to detail and professionalism to each client, providing extensive company secretarial services to all manner of corporate structures, from Non-Executive Directors, Chairman, Executive Boards and Directors, applying many years worth of experience to offer these services to a broad spectrum of company structures and industries.

The in-depth knowledge gained during their many years in the industry, Kilgetty Statutory Services offers clients a team of professionals who are able to provide flexible and affordable company secretarial services, corporate administrative services and corporate governance services with a willingness to rise to any challenge as only true professionals can.

Corporate governance issues are often a thorn in the side of companies who struggle to remain ahead of and on top of their corporate governance compliance issues, but with the experience and versatility of the team at Kilgetty Statutory Services, you will have a team on your side who are able to quickly get to grips with your core issues and business environment in order to offer outstanding corporate governance services.

Kilgetty Statutory Services is all about saving you time and money as you go about building the wealth of your company, offering you the services of a team who are all members of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, fully equipped with legal and industry related qualifications that are vital to saving money for clients in a fast-paced business landscape.

Recognised as one of the leading company secretarial firms in South Africa, Kilgetty Statutory Services has provided services and support to over 4000 clients out of their offices in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban, ensuring that they are kept up to date with the latest in statutory and corporate governance changes, ensuring that each client understands how each change will affect them.

Contact Kilgetty Statutory Services to provide you with an affordable tailor made solution when you need assistance with administrative issues, corporate governance issues or company secretarial services.