Kilgetty Statutory Services provide the highest level of comprehensive company secretarial services in South Africa.

18th November 2017

Well qualified, versatile and at the cutting edge of the market place, Kilgetty Statutory Services provide the highest level of comprehensive company secretarial services that are the best right hand any entity could have to maintain good corporate governance practices.

Keeping up with constant changes and updates to statutory services is always a challenge, but with the services of the team at Kilgetty Statutory Services you can be sure that you will receive the most up to date advice to ensure that your entity is complying with all its statutory and regulatory obligations, leaving our skilled experts to handle all these obligations efficiently and proactively.

Providing fully comprehensive company secretarial services to a wide range of entities, from profit to non-profit entities, large and small, for over 4000 satisfied clients out of our offices in Cape Town, Durban and Gauteng has made Kilgetty Statutory Services a market leader in our field.

As a result of this experience gained over the years of working across the board of all industry sectors, the Kilgetty Statutory Services team of experts able to offer an in depth knowledge in delivering corporate administration services and tailored solutions to Chairmen, Non-executive Directors, Financial Directors, Executive boards and Company secretaries. Our team is committed to delivering flexible and cost effective solutions to suit your corporate governance and secretarial needs according to the issues that relate to your business.

No matter how big or small your entity is Kilgetty Statutory Services have a solution that will provide statutory solutions and company secretarial support in order to streamline your business processes.

Motivated by the ability to deliver more effective and efficient services than the more traditional company secretarial services through the use of cutting edge technology and processes, we are able to cut out frustrations caused by unnecessary duplication and inefficiencies that lead to frustration for clients.

Our team at Kilgetty Statutory Services is very proud of the reputation that we have earned, leading us able to offer you the most professional service that you can expect from a top consultancy firm in South Africa.  Please visit our website to view our fully comprehensive statutory services or contact our team for tailor made solutions to suit your company requirements.