Kilgetty Statutory Services — Your Board and Shareholder Meetings Service Provider

24th April 2018

Board and shareholder meetings can be time-consuming. Preparing and chairing these meetings places significant pressure and demand on an organisation’s limited staff resources. If your board is tied up in red tape, why not cut through the red tape? Consider outsourcing your board and shareholder meetings by allowing Kilgetty Statutory Services to take care of the management of your board and shareholder meetings.

Kilgetty Statutory Services — Your Board and Shareholder Meetings Service ProviderBoard and shareholder meeting services

Board meeting organisation and scheduling. We discuss the proposed meeting agenda with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). We create and distribute comprehensive meeting packs containing all relevant information related to the meeting agenda. This includes circulation of board meeting packs (either in print, or electronic format or on iPad-enabled software), compilation of board meeting minutes, and generating a ‘to do’ list arising from resolutions and decisions taken during the meeting.

Additionally, we keep a meeting register as well as record of all attendees. Importantly, on important points for action, we follow up after the meeting. Our board consultants take great care to ensure that your meeting is smoothly and efficiently organised. This means that you and/or your staff need not forfeit your valuable time by doing all of this yourself. Kilgetty has a proven portfolio of satisfied clients—from smaller entities to major corporations. Located across South Africa, our varied client base confidently use our comprehensive range of services. With a wealth of expertise within our team, our clients are assured of excellent service every time.

Board meeting support services. Compared with traditional company secretarial firms, we pride ourselves in being able to work more efficiently and effectively. Our team of professional board consultants leverage technology to its optimum. This eliminates unnecessary duplication and inefficiencies that was often the reason why many of our clients initially sought the intervention of Kilgetty’s board meeting support services. Kilgetty ensures a streamlined set of process that gives your board members and shareholders the freedom to focus on the truly important matters of each meeting, whilst leaving the administrative support services to us. This leaves you with more time to focus on growing your business.

Shareholder meeting organisation and scheduling. We will collate and distribute all information required by your shareholders. Additionally, we competently chair the meeting on your behalf. Kilgetty’s many satisfied clients can attest to the friendliness and competence of our board consultants and support teams. With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Johannesburg, Kilgetty is the leading provider of board meeting services in South Africa. Moreover, our nationwide team of easily accessible professionals makes us one of the top company secretarial firms in South Africa.

Kilgetty Statutory Services — Your Board and Shareholder Meetings Service ProviderFull list of Kilgetty Statutory Services

Board meeting services include:

  • Sitting with the CEO and assisting with the compilation of the Board meeting Agenda;
  • Compilation of the Board Agenda and the collation of the Board packs;
  • Circulation of the Board meeting packs to all Board members and attendees in either printed format, electronic format or iPad software enabled format;
  • Compilation of the Board meeting attendance register;
  • Compilation of the Director disclosure form;
  • Attendance at the Board meeting;
  • Compilation of the minutes of the Board meeting and the action list emanating from the Board meeting;
  • Following up with management on the completion of the action items.

Shareholder meeting services include:

  • Sitting with the CEO and the Chairman of the Board and assisting with the compilation of the Notice convening the General/Annual General Meeting;
  • Preparation of the Notice convening the General/Annual General Meeting and the proxy form;
  • Circulation of the Notice convening the General/Annual General Meeting to all shareholders;
  • Compilation of the proxy register;
  • Compilation of the Chairman’s pack;
  • Attendance at the General/Annual General Meeting for the purposes of verifying the vote count and the taking of the minutes of the meeting;
  • Registration of any Special Resolutions with the CIPC.

The Kilgetty team of professionals will ensure that your board is no longer tied up in red tape. Contact us now—One of our team of professional consultants will be happy to answer any questions that you still wish to ask of us.