Kilgetty will save you time & money in the short & long term with client-focussed company secretarial services.

19th April 2018

Kilgetty Statutory Services offers nothing short of a professional, client-focussed service that seeks to benefit all clients big and small, offering nothing less than absolute attention to detail in order to provide South African companies, big and small, a phenomenal secretarial services platform that covers everything any business could possibly need in order to maintain good corporate governance and statutory compliance.

Kilgetty offers extensive company secretarial services to all manner of corporate structures, from Non-Executive Directors, Chairman, Executive Boards to Directors, applying many years’ worth of industry-related experience to a broad spectrum of company structures and industries.

This team of professionals, who share a level of legal and industry-related experience that has proven truly exceptional among thousands of clients over the years, delivers flexible and affordable company secretarial services, corporate administrative services and corporate governance services, across an entire spectrum of industries.

With a willingness to rise to any challenge as only true professionals can, Kilgetty is able to work within the structures of your company, according to the processes that suit you, in order to ensure that the issue of statutory compliance and other regulations governing entities is taken off your shoulders completely.

Staying ahead of all the issues involved in structuring a company with good corporate governance is essential, no matter how big or small your entity is. No one will invest in any company that is not able to keep good, up to date corporate and financial records, making it essential to consult with experts like Kilgetty to ensure that a completely proactive approach is taken towards meeting all these requirements.

If board meetings are part of your organisation, it is important to recognise that even the way these meetings are structured and conducted, right down to the quality and detail of the minutes of the meeting, are also very much part of what is legally expected of any company.

Late submissions for anything from VAT to the yearly payment to the CIPC, can lead to fines and other complications no business owner wants to deal with, and Kilgetty is here to offer flexible solutions that will make good corporate governance far more cost-effective than dealing with fines, or having to employ a single person to carry out these important functions.

As one of the leading secretarial services firms in South Africa, Kilgetty, operating out of offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, is completely focussed on saving money and time for clients in what has become an incredibly fast-paced business landscape!

Everyone has been hit by the downturn in our economy, from the smallest to the biggest business, making saving on expenditure even more important than ever before in order to remain in the black, and, on the back of this, many companies have had to downsize staff compliments in an effort to stay afloat during a rocky period.

Of all these changes, the one thing that remains consistent is that companies are expected to meet the same statutory obligations and comply with the same Companies Act as before, and this is when the expertise of the professionals at Kilgetty are a most welcome source of savings with their tailor-made services.

Registration of companies, board services, administrative services, SARS registration and more are just a call away at Kilgetty – let this team help you to carry the burden during these trying times in order to save your company time and money, in the short and long term!