Navigating The Different Types of Public Officer Services Available

8th April 2023

Due to the fact that it is a requirement for every business to appoint and register a public officer with SARS, specifically within one month of beginning to operate a business or acquiring premises in South Africa, to some it may seem like a major hurdle to overcome, without proper guidance.

As far as the role of a Public Officer of any company goes, the South African Revenue Services (SARS) views the public officer as their main point of contact in the company, when it comes to all tax-related issues and compliance matters.

Navigating the different types of Public Officer Services available in South Africa is made a lot easier when you have a company such as Kilgetty Statutory Services on hand, to reduce the red tape you will need to deal with, especially in terms of public officer services and SARS registration.

Knowing what a public officer does, and the role he or she will play in your company, will help to clarify the balance between public officer services, accounting services and statutory compliance in general.

Navigating the different types of Public Officer Services available

The public officer is responsible for meeting all tax obligations, as well as the accounting obligations for the company. This will be the person or entity (if you outsource these services) that will have to be available to respond to any queries from SARS, if and when they arise.

The basic responsibilities of a Public Officer include, but aren’t limited to, the following;

  • Ensuring that tax registrations for the company are completed and submitted to SARS timeously. These include registering for VAT, PAYE, UIF, as well as registering the company owner as an Employer
  • Timeous registration and submission of annual and provisional tax returns
  • Timeous payment of all tax-related responsibilities for the company
  • Submission of employee monthly tax registrations
  • Notification of any changes to company details, such as change of address or change of year end and banking details
  • Acceptance of any notices that may be served on the company

As one can see from this very basic list of responsibilities, the role of a Public Officer is one that is extremely important for any company incorporated in South Africa.

Outsourcing Public Officer Services results in saving time & cutting costs

Not every company can go to the expense of hiring an in-house public officer, and the trend today is to outsource public officer services to a well-respected company such as Kilgetty Statutory Services.

As one of South Africa’s leading providers of corporate services, company secretarial services and administrative services, Kilgetty is trusted by a full spectrum of companies in South Africa, which include companies listed on the JS, as well as smaller start-up companies.

As experts in their field, Kilgetty Public Officer Services are tailored to each client’s needs and budget, allowing you to focus on the day to day operations of your business, and its growth.

The team of seasoned professionals at Kilgetty do the heavy lifting when it comes to ensuring that your statutory obligations and tax obligations are handled efficiently, with a proactive approach that keeps you on a streamlined course with SARS.

Contact the team at Kilgetty today to find out more about how to save time and cut down on costs when it comes to navigating the different types of public officer services available in South Africa.

With two offices in Cape Town and Gauteng, you’ll always have the best point of contact available to you when you need to make any changes to your company’s taxes, or perhaps to branch out and start a new business.