Need help to raise or maintain the level of corporate governance in your business, from a single skilled team?

12th March 2018

Small start up to medium business, large corporate entity or a non-profit organisation, no matter which it is, having assistance from Kilgetty gives you the edge in terms of having an experienced, highly trained and knowledgeable team to streamline regulatory compliance, good corporate governance and compliance with the South African Companies Act in your business.

This is the cost effective solution for any company wanting the assistance of professionals who understand a very broad range of industries and businesses, who know that all statutory compliances and good governance regulations are best managed proactively.

By doing this, no company needs to employ a designated company secretary, or to have to take other employees away from their usual day to day functions in order to meet all these regulations, but rather to outsource the bulk of what is required to run a transparent business, one that is trusted for its integrity by stakeholders and shareholders.

Kilgetty Statutory Services is able to tackle a very comprehensive range of company secretarial and administrative roles, as well as to provide essential legal guidance pertaining to issues such as any agreements, contracts, changes to the Memorandum of Incorporation and more, as well as providing top notch board services for board meetings and shareholder meetings.

Among the long list of services offered by this top Company Secretarial Services firm in South Africa you will find:

Legal Services designed to maintain a firm grasp on all that is required of your company by the Companies Act.  This includes everything from the registration of companies, the appointment or resignation of directors, public officers and company secretaries, to Director training focused on the duties and responsibilities expected in these positions.

Company Secretarial Services, which are based on the depth of knowledge across all industries the team at Kilgetty is able to provide, in order get to the core of processes of every industry sector, irrespective of whether it is a large or small entity.

Board Services, which include everything from sitting with the Director or Chairman of the Board to set out the Board Meeting Agenda, minute taking, managing attendance and following up on actionable items that are determined in these meetings.  These Board Services are offered so that Directors and Board members are not caught up in complicated red tape.

Registration with SARS and the submission of VAT returns on your behalf, which are areas that can cause major problems for any entity not meeting with the regulations and stipulations in the Companies Act.

The team at Kilgetty will do an assessment of the status of your corporate governance issues, and, based on their recommendations, will go to work to ensure that your business is led by an ethical, effective leadership that is actively creating a framework of integrity, accountability, responsibility, fairness and transparency on every level within the organisation.

Whatever you need to do to reflect a complete commitment to good corporate governance can safely be placed in the hands of the team at Kilgetty.  Find out more about the cost effectiveness of outsourcing all of these services to Kilgetty by filling in an online form or contacting the team directly, it is a decision that will take a major weight off your shoulders as a business owner!