Not sure of your current statutory & CIPC records status – contact Kilgetty about their FIT program!

10th September 2017

If you are uncertain about whether your entity is compliant with all that is necessary to meet all statutory obligations and all the nuts and bolts of maintaining good corporate governance, Kilgetty Statutory Services will provide you with company secretarial services that will cover all bases with the latest industry solutions.

Kilgetty presents what is called their FIT program, which means that their highly experienced team is able to carry out a Corporate status check for your company by reviewing the current statutory and CIPC records, and then to provide you with a comprehensive report on all these issues.

With this report in hand, Kilgetty is able to carry out work to will remedy any anomalies and compliance failings that may have been identified in the process of their FIT program, pro-actively working to set systems in place for a future that is sound and protected.

Penalties for lack of compliance can be high, and even where it comes to neglecting to register for UIF, Workman’s Compensation or PAYE, you will save your company a lot of money and time by ensuring that these obligations are fulfilled and up to date.

Kilgetty uses cutting edge technology in order to continually fine tune solutions that are passed on to a portfolio that already lists over four thousand clients representing a myriad of industries,  from small start-ups to JSE listed entities.

Considered the leading company secretarial firm in South Africa, Kilgetty is also considered the preferred company secretarial service provider to clients of the ‘Big 4’ auditing practices and some of the largest legal practices in the country, giving credence to the fact that Kilgetty clients feel completely secure with this team as their right hand in good corporate governance and statutory services.

Visit Kilgetty Statutory Services online or contact the team to find out more about what they can do to give you a hand; flexible, affordable, cost-effective, efficient and versatile, what more could you ask for?