Provide meaningful protection for board members with Kilgetty at the administrative helm.

17th September 2017

Board and Shareholder meetings play an essential role in good corporate governance, and, as the only record of what has taken place in any of these meetings, the need for good quality minutes cannot be stressed enough!

Board members are provided with meaningful protection against certain liabilities, minutes that are not properly prepared or that are inadequate can lead to an increase in legal exposure, which is not going to endear any board member or shareholder to your company.

Kilgetty Statutory Services has kept up with the times, and with their knowledge of the regulatory pressures of corporate responsibility in a fast-paced business landscape, they have taken an innovative approach to ensure that minute-taking by experienced members of their team, all of whom have the necessary legal and industry-related knowledge required, is far more effective than the usual traditional approach.

The team at Kilgetty are all members of the institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Southern Africa, and by keeping up with the latest in corporate governance and statutory regulations along with changes as they occur, Kilgetty is able to deliver the highest standard in the comprehensive range of services offered out of their Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban offices.

Minute-taking carried out by Kilgetty serve as a record of corporate decisions and reflect any director dissent where appropriate, offer guidance for future board action and in general reduce any misunderstanding as to the intent of the board.

There is a lot more at play in well-kept minutes, including the fact that these corporate minutes clearly document compliance by board members in terms of their fiduciary obligations, and if accurately maintained on a consistent basis, places the emphasis on greater accountability and disclosure.

The final warning note about the importance of well-kept minutes is that should it come to it, regulators and plaintiffs have a right to access corporate minutes to bolster their arguments, minutes that are given substantial credence in a court of law!

Contact Kilgetty to find out more about their fully comprehensive range of board services and the roles this team can play in maintaining professional order, from setting up your board meetings, to minute-taking and following up on actions to be taken as a result of these meetings!