What role does a Company Secretary play in your business?

15th October 2017

Once you read a little more on what a Company Secretary really does and the role they can play in ensuring that your entity is in compliance with all the statutory regulations as laid out in the Companies Act, you will fully realise the intrinsic value of having a consultancy such as Kilgetty on your side to ensure that your business remains on the straight and narrow path to a healthy future!

Members of the team at Kilgetty are members of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, and with their vast wealth of experience and knowledge, they have already taken burdens such as SARS registrations and returns, Board services, the registration of companies and so much more, off the shoulders of thousands of company directors who rely on their professionalism.

The role that company secretaries play in any entity, big or small, is essential to ensuring sound corporate governance practice. They offer the requisite advice to ensure that corporate integrity is placed above that of personal benefit to any member of the company.

Here we summarise just a few points about the important role company secretaries play in any entity:

  • They provide directors with guidance about collective and individual responsibilities, powers and duties.
  • Keep directors in touch with any changes to legislation that may affect their business.
  • Taking the responsibility of reporting to the Board any breach on the part of a director or the company in terms of complying with the Memorandum of Incorporation or the Companies Act.
  • Recording the minutes at all Board meetings or Shareholder meetings and ensuring that they are recorded in strict accordance with the Companies Act.
  • Certifying whether the company has filed required returns in their annual financial statements in accordance with the Companies Act, and whether these returns are in fact correct and up to date.
  • Making sure that copies of the company’s financial statement is distributed to every person entitled to it in accordance with the Companies Act (such as shareholders).

By the very nature of just a few of the points above and the cyclical nature of many of the issues relating to fully complying with the Companies Act, it is clear to see why trusting a flexible Company Secretarial Services firm such as Kilgetty is far more cost effective than employing one person to carry out all these duties on a permanent basis.


Contact Kilgetty today to find out more about the flexible, tailor-made solutions they are able to provide in terms of keeping your company on the straight and narrow in terms of remaining fully compliant with the Companies Act and all statutory requirements!