What does setting up a board meeting according to statutory obligations really mean?

29th January 2018

A lot more than most of us think! Board meetings or shareholder meetings have to be carried out in such a way that they meet with everything required for good corporate governance, requirements that are hard to keep up with unless you have Kilgetty Statutory Services on hand to ensure that these meetings are fully up to these standards.

Efficiency in terms of the company secretarial and corporate governance duties outsourced to Kilgetty is an essential ingredient to maintaining good corporate governance, designed to save you money and give you the time to focus on the growth of your business, knowing that all of these issues are properly in place at the hands of professionals.

When Kilgetty provides board services, they go the whole distance to ensure that everything is completely professional and above board, which is protection for all, from director’s right through to shareholders – disputes arising out of mismanaged board and shareholder meetings can easily become a drain on company resources, irrespective of the size of the company!

The highly organised and professional Board Meeting Services carried out by Kilgetty include, but are not limited to, working with the CEO to assist with the compilation of the meeting agenda, compiling the board agenda as well as the collation of board packs, ensuring that these board meeting packs are sent to all Board members and attendees, whether in printed, electronic or iPad format.

Board meeting services also include properly formatted minutes of the meeting along with any action list that emanates from the meeting, which is also then followed up by the Kilgetty team with management to ensure the completion of these actionable lists.

This is a lot to get together on your own, especially if, like many other companies today, you do not have a designated company secretary to see to these responsibilities – unless you have professionals that are up to date with any changes to board meeting formats or requirements, board meetings can easily be mismanaged.

Shareholder meetings are just as hazardous if they do not meet with stringent statutory obligations, however, once Kilgetty gets involved with managing and running your shareholder meetings, you will have absolute confidence that all is as it should be, and, more importantly, that there is no room for anyone to challenge points that have been concluded and meticulously recorded at the meeting.

Shareholder meeting services carried out by Kilgetty include assisting the CEO and Chairman of the Board with compiling and preparing the Notices relevant to any General or Annual General meeting, as well as circulating the Notice convening the AGM to all shareholders, compiling the proxy register and Chairman’s pack, among other responsibilities.

Of course, as one of the top providers of company secretarial services in South Africa, Kilgetty provides a full range of secretarial services to small, medium and large companies, many of which include JSE listed companies!

Among these additional yet equally important services designed to ensure good corporate governance and compliance with statutory obligations, Kilgetty assists clients with the registration of companies with SARS, submission of VAT returns to SARS and a full range of company secretarial services.

Kilgetty Statutory Services remains up to date with any and all changes to statutory obligations and the Companies Act, ensuring that every one of their clients, which have already surpassed the 4000 mark, are able to rely on professional, cost-effective, flexible and affordable company secretarial services throughout South Africa!

If there is anything this team of professionals can do to streamline your business and keep it fully up to date with all statutory obligations, which together create good corporate governance, don’t hesitate to call Kilgetty for a solution to suit your company!