SME’s require the services of a company secretary for Board meetings as much as large corporations do!

9th October 2017

A company secretary is not just essential and relevant in large entities or organisations, it is also very important to any small to medium business to have access to the services of a professional, well qualified company secretary in order to avoid the risks associated with any compliance issues they may not have been attended to.

The major role that a company secretary plays in any business is to act as the chief administrative officer of any entity, and because very few small to medium businesses can afford to have a dedicated company secretary, many of them find themselves headed for trouble due to non-compliance with regulations stipulated in the Companies Act.

The important factor is that a company secretary, along with directors, is responsible for specific tasks under the Companies Act to reduce any risk faced by the company due to their unawareness of compliance issues.

Should the board or the directors try to sort out these compliance issues on their own, they will be wasting valuable time that could otherwise be used to focus on the growth of their business.

The role that a company secretary plays in making sure that board procedures are followed strictly and reviewed on a regular basis, is key to the successful functioning of any board, acting as a guide to the chairman and the board in terms of what their responsibilities are and how they should be carried out.

Kilgetty Statutory Services offers experienced Company Secretarial Services, administered by a team that have the requisite skills which allow them to understand the needs of a broad range of industries and companies, including many who are listed on the JSE.

The Board Services and Shareholder Meeting services offered by Kilgetty are of the highest standard possible, covering the full range of services required to act as a link between the Board and the business, ensuring an effective communication of the expectations of the Board to the management.

Kilgetty circumvents the need for any business to retain the services of a permanent company secretary, offering Board Services that are flexible and cost-effective instead, saving clients time and money.

Board Meeting services offered by Kilgetty Statutory Services and their exceptional team of professionals include working with the CEO’s to assist with the compilation of the Board meeting agendas, as well as the compilation and collation of the Board Agenda and Board packs.

These Board Meeting packs are then distributed to all Board members and others attending in any format that is requested, from printed to iPad software enabled format.

With the assistance of a highly experienced I.T. department at Kilgetty, this team is always up to date with the most efficient and cost effective ways of streamlining every aspect that goes into creating and managing well organised Board Meetings and Shareholder Meetings!

As the preferred company secretarial service provider to clients of the ‘Big 4’ auditing practices, and some of the largest legal practices in South Africa, it is no wonder that Kilgetty Statutory Services has earned its place at the top of their industry among clients that range from small companies to major corporations and institutions!

Before your Board gets tied up in unnecessary red tape for your next Board meeting, contact Kilgetty, they will cut through that tape with absolute precision for the best possible result!