Smooth the process of meeting corporate governance requirements the Kilgetty way!

20th July 2017

Having gained an exceptional reputation by providing a wide range of tailor made corporate governance services, statutory services and company secretarial services to over 4000 clients out of their offices in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban, Kilgetty Statutory Services has, over many years, cut operating costs significantly for clients ranging from small start-ups to large JSE listed entities.

The administration and scheduling of corporate governance and statutory obligations involves a lot of red tape which becomes a time consuming task that detracts from the smooth functioning of your business on a day to day basis.  Outsourcing your corporate governance and statutory obligations to Kilgetty Statutory Services assures you that you have a team of experts handling all these aspects of your business for you.

Each member of the Kilgetty team is a member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators; equipped with all the necessary legal and industry qualifications you could possibly need in the management of corporate governance issues, offering a flexible approach in providing solutions to suit the requirements of each client.

As a result of the wealth of experience, knowledge and skill the Kilgetty team brings to the industry, Kilgetty Statutory Services is considered one of leading company secretarial firms in South Africa, able to offer full support with their comprehensive services which also include corporate services and administrative services.

Kilgetty remains on the cutting edge of any changes with regard to statutory and corporate governance legislation, ensuring that each client is kept up to date with any changes that may occur and whether it may affect their entity.

With an in-depth knowledge of everything that encompasses their field of expertise, Kilgetty is able to deliver outstanding corporate administrative solutions across all industry sectors, understanding exactly what the core issues are that need to be dealt with in your entity quickly and efficiently.

Let Kilgetty Statutory Services make life easier for you by delivering the best in corporate governance services and company secretarial services available in the industry!