Starting a small business & don’t know where to start with the tons of paperwork involved?

19th March 2018

As anyone who has started a small business will tell you, the mountain of paperwork involved in registering a business name, getting your ducks in a row with SARS, CIPC and everything else that goes with it is a nightmare when you try to do it alone!

This is why affordable, professional and tailor made flexible solutions are available from Kilgetty Statutory Services, a team that will take on all of the above-mentioned issues, making sure that your business will measure up to all the requirements of the Companies Act and other statutory regulations.

Starting out with good corporate governance makes finding backing, whether through a bank or outside investor, a whole lot easier. If you do need outside finance and other backing, showing that all the groundwork laid in registering a CC or partnership, shows that integrity is the bottom line in your small to medium business.

Kilgetty is recognised as one of the top Company Secretarial Firms in South Africa, up to date with the latest information surrounding all the issues involved in changes to statutory regulations, and, a high level IT team working hard to deliver even better services to clients. Kilgetty is a completely different kettle of fish in comparison to any average competitors in the industry.

Here are just a few of the challenges you will face when starting a small to medium business, and where Kilgetty can offer an exceptional helping hand:

Reserving and registering the corporate name of your company:

In light of the fact that Close Corporations can no longer be registered, taking the route of registering a private company has become the simplest form of registering a company.

This is just the first queue you will be standing in, just to register a corporate name for your business, an expensive queue in terms of valuable time wasted!  If you do not have a company name registered already, you will need to start with the application for a name for your small business, which will be added to yet another queue.

If you already have a name reserved, registered and approved, it will go into the company registration queue, however, if the company name is not approved, you will have to start all over again and follow the steps to changing the name of your company.  This all costs money so make sure that you have the credit necessary to pay for this process when tackling it alone!

Setting up the Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI):

Irrespective of whether you are the sole owner and director of your small business, and, irrespective of whether you are setting up a standard MOI or a customised MOI, a Memorandum of Incorporation is an absolute legal necessity.

An MOI lays out the rules that are agreed upon by shareholders involved in the management and consistent maintenance of your business, even if you are the only owner and director. By setting up a customised MOI, you will be required to meet any conditions or waive other rights, such as the requirement of an audit.  This is where you are definitely going to appreciate the legal assistance of the highly qualified team at Kilgetty in saving valuable time!

Helping you to focus on developing other aspects of your business in order to get it off the ground.

If all the due diligence aspects of your business are in good order, anyone interested in backing you will know that they are dealing with a company that reflects honesty and integrity from the ground up!

You need time to develop these relationships, and Kilgetty is there to get these essential basics in place while you make all the right business connections in order to get your business off the ground legally.

Save money on a staff complement too big for your budget:

What Kilgetty does to assist you in registering your company the right way means that you can save a bundle by not having to employ a company secretary to get all these pieces in place, a position that comes with a large remuneration package by the way!

Bottom line; how much of a difference will it make when starting your business with the help of a professional consultancy firm like Kilgetty?

Because Kilgetty has earned the respect of over 4000 clients, ranging from small to medium businesses and entities registered on the JHB stock exchange, this team is able to do all the above, and more, much faster than you will on your own!

You will always know where things stand in the process and how much time you are looking at in each step of the process, as well as ensuring that every legal requirement has been met to make you compliant on every level.

With this superb reputation, your best bet in covering all the paperwork involved in starting a private company cost effectively, Kilgetty Statutory Services is the top Company Secretarial Services platform in South Africa to bring in right from the get-go!