Stay ahead of the pack by outsourcing your company secretarial requirements to Kilgetty.

5th June 2017

Kilgetty Statutory Services has been saving thousands of businesses time and money by managing statutory obligations and offering the highest standard in company secretarial services, paying meticulous attention to all the details that keep your business compliant with statutory obligations and administrative processes, allowing you to focus on other important aspects of day to day business.

The team at Kilgetty is driven by a commitment to offer a comprehensive range of flexible solutions that are way in advance of traditional company secretarial companies, in addition to which, Kilgetty has a team of IT specialists who are continuously developing new technological solutions designed to use state of the art technology in order to cut costs for Kilgetty clients.

Kilgetty is definitely a client-focussed team, which means that not only does Kilgetty offer the latest solutions; you will also have an experienced team who are at your service on many levels, from Board meeting services to Company Registration Services, all of which is designed to make your business world a lot simpler.

The comprehensive services offered by Kilgetty to thousands of clients out of their Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban offices also includes SARS registration and submission of returns, keeping you updated in terms of any changes to legislation and what these changes may mean for your business.

The Kilgetty team of experts work together to remove what are often frustrating and unnecessary duplications which delay processes, causing a loss of time and money for the client, and in the absence of a permanent company secretary, outsourcing many of these essential company secretarial functions ensures that your company remains up to date and in compliance with the latest statutory regulations.

Stay ahead of the pack by contacting Kilgetty Statutory Services or give the team a call to consult on the most flexible, affordable company secretarial solutions available in the industry.