The weight of company & business registration is made lighter with Kilgetty on speed dial for SME’s!

19th February 2018

Starting a small to medium business is not as easy as it may sound, no matter how great your products or services may be, there is a ton of paperwork that must meet about a zillion compliance issues that can take a lot of time and much head-scratching, especially if you are not familiar with these forms or regulations!

This is where having the professional assistance of a team like Kilgetty Statutory Services will fit the bill and more, ensuring that not only are you complying with all these obligations, but that you don’t have to waste the time it takes to get them all together, or to employ someone specifically to look after these issues, most of which need to be kept in line with submission dates for the different departments handling everything to do with good corporate governance.

Ever heard of an IT77 form? Yep, that’s just one of a plethora of forms to be filled in, however, this form alone has to be completed and submitted within 60 days of starting your business, and its mandatory!

Then of course, there’s your SARS registration! These forms on their own could have you wondering about the decision to go it alone, as many South Africans are doing, based on the need to choose entrepreneurship over the pressures of a tough economic outlook that has led to even higher levels of retrenchments and unemployment in the country, however, Kilgetty is there to make it a lot smoother to strike out on your own the right way!

Then there’s the joy of registering employees that earn over a certain amount in a year for PAYE, ensuring that you are also registering your company and employees for UIF, until you have forms coming out of your ears!

Although Kilgetty Statutory Services is one of the top company secretarial firms in South Africa, their affordable, flexible and comprehensive range of secretarial services will do you well if you want to do it all correctly from the start!

By letting the highly experienced team at Kilgetty manage all statutory obligations you will be facing as you start up your business, you will have an accessible, reliable partner you can trust to get out ahead of all the paperwork, and to take a proactive approach to ensuring that all these issues are looked after from day one.

VAT payments, UIF, PAYE and CIPC payments all have to be submitted on time to avoid what can become hefty fines and other red tape that, if not handled correctly, can keep you tangled up enough to make forging ahead with other important issues required to build your business even more of a challenge.

Growing your business is where your focus should be; it has taken a lot of energy just to start out and the last thing you want to be doing is spending valuable time figuring out a ton of forms that are virtually impossible for the average person to understand!

With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, the team at Kilgetty is right on your doorstep to lend a helping hand when you need it most, and with over 4000 satisfied clients spread throughout South Africa, including major JSE listed companies, the company secretarial services you can expect from this highly motivated team of experts will help you sleep a little easier as you take your first steps into your own business!