Why try to keep up with statutory compliance issues when Kilgetty is just a call away!

22nd December 2017

A large majority of businesses are making the move towards outsourcing business issues that range from ensuring that they are compliant with all statutory obligations, right through to all tasks relating to board and shareholder meetings via company secretarial services firms such as Kilgetty Statutory Services.

This move is in part due to the economic downturn that South Africa is experiencing and the resulting cutbacks on permanent staff.  There are also many companies that encourage employees to work remotely from home in order to cut down on costs in terms of office rental space wherever possible.

With the rapid advancement of technology, working from home is a cinch, what with video calls, conference calls, VPN networks and wireless internet, keeping employees connected exactly as they would be if they were sitting in their office, however, the nitty gritty details of remaining compliant with the Companies Act and maintaining good corporate governance is still essential.

For large corporations this is not really an option, and it is here that the expert company secretarial services offered by Kilgetty Statutory Services is able to step up to the plate and take on all tasks related to good corporate governance, proactively managing statutory obligations, managing board meetings from start to finish as well as any other tasks that can only be carried out by a bona fide company secretary.

Most start-ups and medium size businesses do not have the budget to employ a company secretary on a full time basis, which is where outsourcing company secretarial services, administrative services and corporate services become a convenience that will save you time and money.

Kilgetty Statutory Services are one of the leading company secretarial firms in South Africa, trusted by over 4000 companies to keep their businesses in order without tangling them up in frustrating duplications of work, and because Kilgetty has had many years’ worth of experience across a very broad range of industries, this team is able to grasp the workings of your business efficiently and effectively.

Another quality that makes Kilgetty Statutory services stand out from the rest is their ability to offer flexible, affordable, tailor made solutions for any company they work with, which means that not only is your business in very capable hands, but that the service is tailored to meet your budget.

Kilgetty has offices in Cape Town, Gauteng and Durban, making this team and its full services easily accessible to all clients throughout South Africa, while at the same time giving all clients a single point of contact for all issues related to maintaining a well-run business.

Legal services also form part of the formidable range of services offered by this highly experienced and versatile company, ensuring that all clients have the latest information regarding everything to do with the CIPC and SARS, as well as assisting with a multitude of legal services that range from the registration of companies to the negotiation and drafting of all commercial contracts!

If taking a proactive approach to keeping your business in alignment with the Companies Act is important to you, or you need administrative, legal or company secretarial services assistance, call on the team at Kilgetty, they will show you how to take your focus off the small, time consuming details and focussing on shoring up the wealth of your business instead!