What are the Benefits of Investing in Public Officer Services?

27th January 2023

Considering that every company is required by the Tax Administration Act of 2008 to appoint a public officer within one month of starting to either conduct business or acquire premises in South Africa, one can see the importance of the role placed on appointing a public officer by the South African Revenue Services (SARS).

In addition to this, if a company doesn’t appoint a public officer in the stipulated time period, the Commissioner can and will designate either a member (if it’s a CC), a director or company secretary as public officer.

This could cause major problems, since all the tax related issues are complicated, because they involve a range of tax registrations, submissions and tax payments, for which the person designated may not be equipped to manage.

It is for this reason that one person is appointed to be the tax face of the company in the eyes of SARS, so that they deal with one person on all tax related matters, including the receipt of notices that may be served against the company, as well as all submissions and payments.

All of these conditions lead to the question; what are the benefits of investing in public officer services?

What are the benefits of investing in Public Officer Services?

Aside from the fact that the Commissioner can appoint someone who may not be qualified to manage all tax related matters for the company, failure to appoint a public officer could also result in hefty penalties, which increase by the day, including failure to inform SARS of any change in public officer.

This is the person who will be held responsible by SARS for all the tax matters of the company, and whatever this person does or doesn’t do, will be considered to have been done by the company itself.

This is where it is well worth considering outsourcing your public officer services to a reputable, stable and well respected company like Kilgetty Statutory Services.

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In terms of Kilgetty Public Officer Services, this team will streamline all your tax affairs to meet with all the requirements expected of a public officer, tackling all your submissions, registrations such as VAT, tax payments and more, in a proactive manner, leaving you free to grow your business.

With a staff that are industry leaders, Kilgetty Public Officer Services is here to offer you the level of advice that comes from many years of expertise and skill, to provide you with a perfectly tailored service to suit your business.

Whether you are a small start-up, major corporation or JSE listed entity, Kilgetty Statutory Services has a team that will always be available to you, making sure that your statutory obligations are being met in a proactive, efficient manner to save you time and money.

Developing new solutions on a continuous basis with a dedicated IT team, designed to bring clients the latest technology in an effort to continuously cut costs, you can rely on Kilgetty Public Officer Services to keep your tax affairs up to date.

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