What is the Kilgetty FIT programme all about?

28th March 2018

Essentially, the Kilgetty Statutory Services FIT programme is designed to make sure that your entity is in good standing in terms of statutory obligations, CIPC records and more.

No matter how big or small your business is, there are no shortcuts to ensuring that you are in compliance with all statutory obligations, the costs associated with dropping the ball on any of these issues are just not worth it.

What Kilgetty does for you with their FIT programme is to do a corporate status check, which includes the above-mentioned obligations and records, and, once the evaluation is completed, to provide you with a full report on your corporate standing according to these issues.

Once this evaluation is carried out, the Kilgetty team is able to get your business up to par should there be any areas in which regulatory compliance is not up to the standard it should be, as well as taking a proactive approach towards remedial work that will regularise any shortcomings in these areas.

Above and beyond this FIT programme, Kilgetty is able to provide all the services you may need to avoid the necessity of sorting out what could be done the right way in the first place. This team also makes it affordable for you to take this approach; Kilgetty has made sure that their flexibility makes tailor-made cost effective solutions available to every entity, in every industry sector, big or small.

Among these services you will find that Kilgetty is able to assist with:

Statutory Services: The very first step in statutory compliance starts with the registration of new companies, and then ensuring that your business is in compliance with the regulations (which, for even the brightest of us can be daunting!) as set out in the Companies Act. This is the most basic description for the very long list of statutory services that the experienced, qualified and highly skilled team at Kilgetty Statutory services is able to deliver!

Corporate Governance Auditing: This sounds daunting, however, when put into the hands of the team at Kilgetty, the process becomes easier to understand, which is as a result of the industry experience and legal background of the Directors and staff at Kilgetty.

If anyone understands how hard it can be for directors focussed on running and growing their business to remain fully up to date with these small but vitally important obligations, Kilgetty does.  So much is involved in Corporate Governance Auditing that you are definitely safer in the hands of consummate, client oriented professionals!

Assistant Company Secretarial Services:

This is the spot where you get to place everything involved in running truly professional, well-managed Board Meetings and Shareholder Meetings! Looking at just one essential element in a well-managed Board or Shareholder meeting means ensuring that even the minutes of the meeting have to be of exceptional quality, especially since they are play the important role of providing protection for the business and its board members.

Director and Officer Liability Insurance, Companies Act training and guidance as well as shareholder verification all form part of what Kilgetty Statutory Services is available to put in place and manage for your entity.  As a CIPC customer, Kilgetty is able to make sure that all statutory records comply with the Companies Act, an Act that you cannot take lightly at all!

All the services mentioned in brief above contains a full spectrum of services that can be requested: Kilgetty does not force more on you than you require, their business is to save time and money for clients, as well as to protect clients from any problems associated with non-compliance.

For in-depth information on each of these major listed services, please contact Kilgetty; the friendly team will be happy to assist in tailor-making the perfect solution for your entity!