Why outsource your company secretarial services to Kilgetty Statutory Services?

25th April 2018

In the face of increasing pressure for companies and organisations in South Africa to pull their socks up in order to match their corporate governance practices with the King Code and Report on Governance in South Africa “King III” and South African Revenue Service “SARS” registration matters, it has become a lot more difficult for any company to skirt the responsibilities of maintaining good corporate governance.

The new Companies Act stipulates that any and all listed companies are legally required to appoint a company secretary to manage this side of business, which involves business administration and all statutory obligations or responsibilities.

Qualified company secretaries are not a dime a dozen, and, most companies are not able to afford the services of anyone this highly specialised, which leaves a huge gap for many companies, especially small to medium entities.

It’s a catch 22 situation; by law you need to appoint a company secretary but in reality your budget may not allow for it, even if you are able to find a highly experienced, qualified company secretary, which can lead to more than just a few pitfalls that could be expensive at a later stage, should your company in any way fall short of these legal requirements.

The team at Kilgetty Statutory Services has made it far more cost effective for companies to outsource all their company secretarial needs with confidence, cutting out the need to appoint a dedicated company secretary.

Headed by a highly regarded FCIS practitioner, Kilgetty takes this whole complicated issue and offers tailor-made solutions that cut through all this red tape for clients, providing the highest standard of company secretarial services in South Africa to save time and money for clients ranging from the entrepreneurial to large JSE listed organisations and entities.

Kilgetty also offers a highly experienced legal services department able to assist with all the legal requirements that need to be met by entities, offering extensive services in all commercial contracts, providing an advantageous role in corporate restructuring and the drafting of all contracts.

This means that Kilgetty, as one of the leading company secretarial services firms in South Africa, is able to assist every client, large and small, on every level, with services that range from performing board services to administrative services and statutory compliance services.

The team at Kilgetty are all members of the Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of Southern Africa, and, with the phenomenal experience shared by this team, you can expect the assistance of a team able to get to work in any setting and in any industry with the minimum of time wasted, getting to the core of what needs addressing in terms of statutory compliance or good corporate governance.

If you are facing the pressures being placed on companies to maintain good corporate governance, and facing mountains of red tape, let Kilgetty assist in the registration of your with SARS for VAT, PAYE, UIF and workmen’s compensation!

With tailor-made solutions designed to minimise costs for your company, how hard could it really be to trust the same team that is trusted by thousands of the top companies in South Africa?